Tibetan Prayer Bracelet "Lotus" in Hand Engraved Silver

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This Tibetan "Lotus" Prayer Bracelet in Silver is a limited edition that has been crafted from premium Silver. Each pearl represents a unique design of the Tibetan alphabet called Abugida.

Hand engraved by experienced masters, each high quality silver bead is polished to create this traditional Buddhist style bracelet that will bring happiness, luck and fortune to the wearer.

This bracelet is elastic to fit comfortably on all wrists. We offer it in 2 diameters of beads: 12 mm or 14 mm.

This prayer bracelet is adjustable and is perfect for meditation or recitation of mantras.

It will appeal to both women and men.

Characteristics :
Metals: 925 silver
Pearl diameter: 11 mm ( 0.4 inches ),  13 mm ( 0.5 inches ) or 15 mm ( 0.6 inches )

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