Sacred Geometry Necklace of the Flower of Life

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The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol made up of nineteen circles intersecting and inscribed within a sphere.

The model of the Flower of Life has been found on many great pyramids of the world, on temples and cathedrals. The citizens of ancient civilizations meditated on the form of the Flower of Life in order to manifest their deepest desires.

This Sacred Necklace "Flower of Life" has been fashioned as a portable amulet that symbolizes the evolution of the universe. The Flower of Life can serve us as a "mirror" in which we see our unlimited potentialities. This sacred symbol is mounted on a jewel of high quality glass.

Use this Sacred Necklace "Flower of Life" Antique Silver as a tool of transformation and divine alchemy.

When people ask you questions about your Flower of Life Necklace, tell them that the Flower of Life is a representation of the divine that exists within each of us. The Flower of Life connects us all individually in a giant network of life, light and energy. One day, you were only one cell in your mother's belly, and then you began to divide yourself, passing through many forms of sacred geometry until you became a fully functioning human being. You have kept these divine forms in you inside each cell of your body. You are a miracle! You are born of the divine and he will never leave you.

Use the power of sacred geometry to attract abundance and live in joy!

Limited quantity. The stock is often exhausted.

Characteristics :
Necklace length: 50cm ( 19.5 inches )
Size of the pendant: 25mm ( 1 inch )

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