Ring "Desire" in Opal Fire Orange and Garnet

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Express your deepest desires with this elegant Ring "Desire" Opal Fire Orange and Garnet.

The Fire Opal Orange influences the Sacred Chakra (2nd Chakra) center of emotions, sexual energies and creative forces. It favors the fire of the desire of life as well as the desire for sexual union. She is a true stone of vitality.

Beautiful garnets adorn the Opal of Fire to give a sumptuous brilliance to this jewel. The Garnet is a stone whose virtues can overcome difficulties, transcend love passion and improve sexual energy by increasing the energy of Kundalini, located in Chakra Racine.
The combination of Fire Opal and Garnet promotes success, cell regeneration, fertility, passion, motivation and unlimited wearer protection.

This jewel is perfect for anyone looking for vitality, energy and sexual appetite.

Characteristics :

Materials: 925 Silver, Fire Opal, Garnet
Dimensions: Fire Opal: 8 x 7 mm ( 0,3 x 0,27 inches ), Garnet: 3 mm ( 0,12 inches )x 10 pieces
Sizes: 5 to 12

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