Bracelet "Elephant & Buddha" in Natural Agate

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Behind the massive elephant body hides a creature of incredible majesty. His perfectly mastered strength and patience are his supreme virtues. The elephant is an animal that has a very high level of consciousness. It represents strength, honor, stability and tenacity. He also symbolizes determination and fidelity because he will always fight for the members of his group.

The God Ganesh, represented by an elephant head, is the God of luck, fortune, protection and he blesses all new projects.

The Buddha's head is the symbol of balance and harmony.

Wear this natural agate "Elephant & Buddha" bracelet around your wrist to ensure your luck and blessing in your projects.

Remember the eight precepts taught by Buddha.

In the words of the Buddha himself, the eight precepts are: Good eyesight, good intention, good thought, good word, good deeds, good way of life (means of subsistence, occupation), good effort, good attention and concentration.

Characteristics :
Length: 65 cm ( 25.6 inches )
Materials: Natural semi-precious stones, agate
Metals: Zinc alloy
Diameter of beads: 6mm ( 0.23 inches )

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