Protection Bracelet, HEALING and POWER in black obsidian, tiger eye and hematite

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Activate your inner power.

This PROTECTION, HEALING and POWER Bracelet is composed of 5 Tiger Eye beads, 10 Black Obsidian beads and 5 Hematite beads. These natural stone beads have been selected with care for their high quality to offer you an exceptional jewel both for its aesthetics and for the properties dedicated to each stone.
By combining these 3 stones, this Bracelet of PROTECTION, HEALING and POWER will act in a complete way by entering into communion to make the most of the benefits.
- The Tiger's Eye raises awareness and helps keep negative waves at bay by keeping only the positive waves to protect you. It balances yin and yang, promotes concentration, calms agitation, dispels fears.
- Black Obsidian is a true shield, the most powerful of the protective stones, which prevents negative energies from attacking your psychic balance while helping you fight fears and fight against nervous breakdowns.
- Hematite is a fortifying and purifying stone, widely used in lithotherapy, which improves the tone and vitality to acquire more dynamism.

This very beautiful Bracelet of PROTECTION, HEALING and POWER in black Obsidian, Eye of tiger and Hematite is mounted on a quality elastic of 18 cm with stones of a diameter of 10 mm. To adopt it now, click on "Add to Cart".
Characteristics :
Length: 18 cm ( 7 inches ) (elastic)
Diameter of beads: 10mm ( 0.39 inches )
Material: Tiger's Eye, Black Obsidian and Hematite AAA quality
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