Mantra Ring "Lotus Flower" in 925 Silver

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This 925 Silver "Lotus Flower" Mantra Ring is engraved with 6 Sanskrit syllables representing the most famous Mantra: "Om Mani Pad Me Hum" which is the Mantra of "Compassion".

Om (ohm) - This is "the sound of the Universe". This mantra is the most important of all, it is intended to break the attachments to the self and let emerge generosity.
Ma (mah) - Removes attachment to jealousy and establishes ethics.
Ni (nee) - Remove attachment to desire and establish patience.
Pad (pahd) - Removes prejudices and establishes perseverance.
Me (meh) - Remove the possessiveness and establish the concentration.
Hum (hum) - Remove hatred and establish wisdom.
The Lotus Flower represents the symbol of purity, spiritual awakening and fidelity.
The vibration of this mantra helps to awaken our memory of divine human being, to activate "the Jewel" of the Lotus that is in us so that we can all manifest our Divinity on earth, in the joy of unity.

Characteristics :

Materials: 925 Silver
Height: 1.7 cm ( 0.67 inches )
Thickness: 0.5 cm ( 0.2 inches )
Weight: 10.2 g

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