Mala in Amazonites Stones

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This Mala in Amazonite stones is made in a set of stones of clear colors perfectly tuned. It will give you its benefits while making you benefit from the properties of Amazonite. This stone is ideal for rebalancing the magnetic fields emanating from the devices that produce polluting waves that we use. It strengthens the bonds of the couple by increasing tenderness and happiness. It encourages relaxation to balance sleep. It is a stone of purification that acts on our mind by its purifying action of the affective zones. It fights stress and promotes expression. It frees thought, develops creativity by promoting the imagination.

This magnificent Mala in Amazonite stones, 60 cm long, will charm you with its soft colors while guiding you in your meditation. It will help you maintain optimal concentration when reciting your mantras. And outside these periods, it will be an exceptional jewel that you will enjoy wearing and exhibiting at any time.

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Characteristics :

Length: 60 cm ( 23.6 inches ) to wrap around the wrist (elastic)
Metals: Zinc alloy - silver color
Semi-precious stones: Amazonite

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