Mala Bracelet "Tree of Life" of 108 Agate Tree Beads

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The Agate Tree helps us to understand the hidden things by softening the restrictive logic of the mind, it is a stone of inner journey and connection to Nature.

Wear it and you will immediately feel a sense of serenity and balance.

In ancient Greece, the Agate Tree was associated with the spirits of the woods and trees. It was buried in the fields during sowing to ensure good harvests.

This stone is a delicate link with the Mother Earth whose love she conveys. The agate tree strongly connects with the earth, symbol of growth and fertility.

The Tree of Life symbolizes the strength of life. It loses its foliage in winter, but it finds it every spring, ensuring the dead-resurrection cycle, a symbol of regeneration and immortality.

Plunging its roots into the earth and growing its foliage to the sky, it unites the material and spiritual worlds, ensuring the balance of life.

The Tree of Life symbolizes evolution from the same ancestral root. Its roots are synonymous with respect to the elders (parents, grandparents and ancestors).

It symbolizes the only source of life: humans, animals, plants and inert matter come from the same spark of life.

This Mala Bracelet "Tree of Life" of 108 Agate Tree Beads is a wonderful representation of the energies of Nature.

Characteristics :
Length of the bracelet: 100cm to wrap around the wrist
Materials: Semi-precious stones, Agate Tree
Metals: Zinc alloy

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