Mala Bracelet "Lucky" of 108 Indian Agate Beads

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Indian Agate is a semi-precious stone that naturally breaks away from its original environment and then gets carried away by streams through the mountains.

When it reaches a particular point of the river, it rolls a long time in the water while enjoying the rays of the sun. The day of Puranmashi (full moon), it captures the energy of the full moon. In addition to absorbing these lunar energies, it is transformed by taking at this moment different shades of colors.

At this time, the Indian Agate is charged with light energy and has the power to heal and defend anyone against negative energies and bad luck in all spheres of our lives.

Indian Agate is a luminous stone that will accompany you and protect you. Wear it and you will immediately feel a sense of security invading you.

This Mala Bracelet "Lucky" of 108 Indian Agate beads gives off a luminous energy.

Characteristics :
Length of the bracelet: 95cm ( 37.4 inches ) to wrap around the wrist
Diameter of beads: 8mm ( 0.3 inches )
Materials: Semi-Precious Stones, Indian Agate
Metals: Zinc alloy

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