Mala bracelet "Lotus" of 108 beads in Howlite

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Composed exclusively of Howlite, this bracelet / necklace mala is infused with love and positive intentions. This mala will allow you to stay relaxed in all circumstances. Indeed, the Howlite is an anchor stone that promotes patience, reduces anger and reinforces positive characteristics.

Howlite pearls effectively prepare the mind to welcome wisdom and insight. They are useful for meditation and to improve sleep, they allow a reasoned communication and they reinforce the memory.

If you want to get rid of nervous tension and daily stress, this is the stone you need.

This 108-pearl Howlite "Lotus" Mala Bracelet will keep you calm and unyielding by acting on emotional stress, even in a high-energy environment!

Characteristics :
Length of the bracelet: 95cm ( 37.4 inches ) to wrap around the wrist
Diameter of stones: 8mm ( 0.3 inches )
The lotus flower is the symbol of the realization of being
Materials: Semi-precious Stones, White Howlite
Metals: Zinc alloy

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