Mala bracelet "7 Chakras" and its pendant Om

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This Mala Bracelet "7 Chakras" and its pendant Om have been designed with the aim of balancing the 7 chakras. This balance brings harmony and balance to the body and mind.

It can be worn as a bracelet or necklace and can also be used during a meditation. It is composed of 108 pearls including colored semi-precious stones.

The semi-precious stone beads have been hand-selected piece by piece to ensure you a high quality jewel.

The 7 stone beads in the colors of the 7 Chakras are separated by different silver beads and its beautiful Om pendant.

Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols. This is the primordial sound of the Universe. It represents the past, the present and the future: "all that was, all that is, all that will be, will be Om".

Wear this bracelet and you will feel a strong sense of balance in you. This bracelet will help you find a perfect energy balance and promote healing and vitality.

Characteristics :
Materials: semi-precious stones, zinc alloy
Length: 74 cm ( 29 inches )
Diameter of beads: 6 mm ( 0.24 inches )

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