Lucky Charm Bracelet Handmade Braided ( Like Leonardo Dicaprio Bracelet )

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This type of bracelet is typical in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. For this model of Lucky Bracelet braided by hand, its realization is done in a traditional way. It is the Buddhist monks who take care of their preparation with extreme attention during prayers and periods of meditation. These great moments of spirituality allow these monks to make such bracelets as useful as beautiful in optimal concentration to provide you with beautiful jewelry.

This kind of Hand Braided Lucky Bracelet has the specificity to represent the universal values ​​of unity, acceptance and integrity. Faced with these specificities widely recognized in the world, many celebrities have been charmed by these attributes, like Leonardo Dicaprio who does not hide his pleasure to exhibit this type of bracelet by wearing it.

This hand woven Lucky Bracelet has a length of 10 to 22 cm ( 3.9 to 8.6 inches )fits most wrists with its sliding knot. Available in red, dark red or multicolored to meet all tastes and desires. Adopt your handmade Braided Lucky Charm Bracelet to have your lucky charm as soon as possible by clicking on "Add to Cart".

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