Lotus Mala Bracelet "Joy of Being" in Dalmatian Jasper

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Dalmatian Jasper is a soft stone that appeals to our inner child. It is particularly effective on people who think a lot because it turns their analytical side into a feeling of simply being happy.

Known for its protective and healing properties, the vibratory energy of this mineral balances the early Chakras, which develops the feeling of feeling fully incarnated and connected to the Earth.

If life has become heavy and all sense of joy seems to be lost, wearing this bracelet can awaken in you a sense of humor and pleasure.

Dalmatian Jasper has a strengthening, restorative and emotionally harmonizing effect, counteracting disillusionment, cynicism and skepticism. Its tourmaline inclusions (tasks) quickly dispel the negative energy and guarded limitations of the past, making you progress in life.

This Lotus Mala Bracelet "Joy of Being" in Dalmatian Jasper is a wonderful tool to deepen the meditative state, especially when kept on the wrist. It helps maintain inner peace and encourage contemplation of the duality of life. It will help you stay focused on the light in the world while embracing the darkness.

Characteristics :
Length: about 19 cm (elastic) ( 7.5 inches )
The lotus flower is the symbol of the realization of being
Materials: Semi-Precious Stones, Dalmatian Jasper
Metals: Zinc alloy

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