Hawk Eye Protection Bracelet (or Blue Tiger Eye)

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This beautiful Hawk Eye Protection Bracelet or Blue Tiger Eye is made of semi-precious pearls also called Blue Tiger Eye whose colors can range from green blue to gray blue. It is said of the hawk's eye that it is the guardian angel who sees everything. The benefits of this stone act on the eyes by soothing them when they are tired. It improves the faculties. These effects would be effective and powerful in preventing some eye discomfort. The Falcon Eye is also effective at counteracting migraines and other headaches and improves breathing as well as clarifies bronchial tubes.

On the mental and psychic aspect, the Hawk's Eye is very advisable for introverted people, because it improves listening to others by opening the mind and also opening to others. It is a favorite meditation stone because it increases concentration while encouraging and strengthening self-confidence. It is also a stone of protection that would act against the negative energies of modern technologies.

Let yourself be seduced by the depth of colors of this superb Eye Protection Hawk Bracelet that will make you enjoy the benefits of its useful benefits in everyday life. Click on "Add to Cart" now to receive yours.

Length: 19 cm ( 7.5 inches ) (elastic)
Diameter of beads: 10mm, 8mm or 6mm ( 0.4 inches, 0.31 inches or 0.24 inches )

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