Buddhist Mala bracelet in Amethyst

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In Tibet, Amethyst is considered sacred by Buddha, perhaps because of its ability to activate and balance the 6th Chakra (Third Eye). Amethyst is known for healing impatience, balancing the energies of high spheres, eliminating mental agitation, bringing clarity, and helping to keep rooting in the ground.

This Buddhist Mala Bracelet in Amethyst has the power to transform energies at all levels, and especially the specific energies of the 6th and 7th Chakras, the Third Eye (located at the forehead) and the Coronal Chakra (located at the top of the skull).

Wear this Amethyst bracelet to clean obstructions and bring your Chakras back to balance.

Characteristics :

Length: about 65 cm ( 25.6 inches )
Diameter of beads: 6 mm ( 0.23 inches )
Materials: Amethyst
Metals: Zinc alloy

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