Bracelet Lifestyle Path in Crystal Rock

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This life path bracelet is composed of a set of rock crystal stones of all colors that we have chosen.

Each bracelet is unique and personal. The correspondence of the crystals and the benefits derived from them are related to your own destiny. Your life path bracelet can't be lent or given to someone else.

Handcrafted and handmade, this beautiful life path bracelet will make an ideal gift for any amateur or expert in lithotherapy and spirituality.

This bracelet can serve as a support and help you find your mission and / or meaning of your life or find what you are actually doing.

Characteristics :

Length: 14 to 20 cm ( 5.5 inches to 7.8 inches ) (adjustable)

Materials: AAA + quality rock crystal and Thai silver

Diameter of pearls: about 3mm ( 0.12 inches )

Handcrafted by hand (limited stock)

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