Bohemian feather necklace dreamcatcher

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You will be delighted by this beautiful pendant made of a circle representing geometry symbols and three feathers topped with 3 small turquoise stones. He represents a dream catcher.

In some Native American cultures, a dreamcatcher is an Ojibwa handicraft (called asubakachin or bawajige nagwaagan in that language) made up of a hoop, usually in willow, and a network of thread-shaped threads. The decorations that compose it are different for each dream catcher. According to popular belief, the dream catcher prevents bad dreams from invading the sleeper's sleep. Acting as a filter, he captures the dreams sent by the spirits, preserves the beautiful images of the night and burns the bad visions at the first light of day.

This pendant is made of metal alloy and 3 small turquoise stones surmount the feathers.The length of the necklace is 45cm + 5cm ( 17.7 inches + 2 inches ) extension possible.

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