Love Bracelet and Intuition Cat Eye

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Cat's eye is a stone of strong protection. This bracelet of love and intuition in cat's eye is designed with these stones that have the distinction of providing indisputable benefits to those who wear it.

The Cat's Eye improves vision especially at night, which is of great interest to anyone in a dark environment or working at night. This protective stone acts against the evil eye to protect you and make a bulwark around your aura. It sends you courage in the delicate moments and leads you to greater creativity.

By wearing it, you will also see that your intuition will be amplified to bring you more clairvoyance. Cat's eye is also highly recommended if you run out of energy because it amplifies it. Placing cat's eye stones in your home will help you relax. It is also a stone of serenity, happiness and luck for all people who can hold on them.

To enjoy all the benefits of this stone now, do not hesitate to get this beautiful Bracelet of love and intuition in Cat's Eye by clicking on "Add to Cart" now. Well-being is on your doorstep!

Characteristics :

Materials: AAA grade cat eye and zinc and copper alloy
Length of the bracelet: about 18cm ( 7 inches ) (elastic)
Diameter of beads: 10mm ( 0.4 inches )

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